Volume 3

is just about to be printed and published. A preview and download is to be found here.

Volume 3 contains the second part of the cantatas for high voice, recorder and basso continuo. The cantatas are:

Deine Toten werden leben, tvwv 1: 213 (Bärenreiter No. 28)
Wer sehnet sich nach Kerker, Stein und Ketten, tvwv 1: 1594 (Bärenreiter No. 37)
Wenn Israel am Nilusstrande, tvwv 1: 1562 (Bärenreiter No. 41)
Durchsuche dich, o stolzer Geist, tvwv 1: 399 (Bärenreiter No. 45)
Trifft menschlich und voll Fehler sein, tvwv 1: 1417 (Bärenreiter No. 49)
Es ist ein schlechter Ruhm, tvwv 1: 506 (Bärenreiter No. 53)
Locke nur, Erde, mit schmeichelndem Reize!, tvwv 1: 1069 (Bärenreiter No. 57)

The performers are Mona Julsrud, Frode Thorsen, Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, Thomas Boysen and Hans Knut Sveen.
The CD includes a rich booklet written by Frode Thorsen and Stig W. Holter.

Site change

As you have noticed, the site has been out of function for a period, due to reorganisation of the servers. Physically the site has moved to a slightly different address (see address field above) but entering the original address will still direct you to our project.
There will be some update work to do for the coming period and we look forward to present a complete web site.

God mottakelse av Vol. 2

I musikktidsskriftet Fanfare Magazine får Volume 2 i serien «Harmonischer Gottesdienst» god omtalle av Jerry Dubins:

«The arias are, without exception, tuneful, bracing, invigorating, wonderfully entertaining, and great fun.
So perfect a reproduction of the female alto voice is Franz Vitzthun’s countertenor that even a really close listening might not convince you it belonged to a male. He is truly amazing. And I have nothing but praise for the instrumentalists comprising the Bergen Barokk. Not a foot, or, should I say, a finger goes amiss. This is a brilliant release, right down to its booklet containing a scholarly essay, complete texts, and documentation on the instruments, performance materials, and the editions used, all in three languages. If I were giving an award for Baroque disc of the year, this one would win it. Urgently recommended.»

Vi gjengir hele anmeldelsen her: Les videre

Volum 2 – Kantater for kontratenor og fiolin

Volum 2 er klart. Innspillingen med kantater for «Mittlere Stimme» og fiolin lanseres av Toccata Classics i juli 2009.

I denne innspillingen presenterer BB kontratenoren Franz Vitzthum i samspill med fiolinisten Bjarte Eike. Continuogruppen utgjøres av Markku Luolajan-Mikkola og Hans Knut Sveen.

  • Første søndag i advent – Erwachet zum Kriegen
  • Juledag – Erquickendes Wunder der ewigen Gnade
  • Andre Juledag – Jauchzet, frolocket, der Himmel ist offen
  • Nyttårsdag – Halt ein mit deinem Wetterstrahle
  • Andre søndag etter Kristi Åpenbaring – Ist Widerwärtigkeit den Frommen eigen
  • Femte søndag etter Kristi Åpenbaring – Liebe, die vom Himmel stammet

Recordings and publications 2008

The project of recording «Harmonischer Gottesdienst» will during 2008 pass the point of half way to finish by the recordings of Vols. 5 and 6 of totally 11. This will happen in September.

The publication of Vols. 2 and 3 is just about to happen. The CDs are finished, what is left is the brushup work on the booklets. The text material we published in Vol. 1 is renown for being very informative and we intend to keep that standard in the following.

Volum 4 er innspilt

Bergen Barokk var i uke 17 på Hoff, Østre Toten for å spille inn nok en CD i serien. Det var kontratenoren Franz Vitzthum, Peter Holtslag på traverso samt Markku Luolajan-Mikkola og Hans Knut Sveen som utgjorde ensemblet. Produsent Jørn Pedersen og lydtekniker Geoff Miles utgjorde den tekniske staben. Wencke Ophaug fulgte hele innspillingen med spesielt fokus på kontroll av uttale og forsking i språket. Oppland Arbeiderblad kom innom første dag og reportasjen finner du på http://www.oa.no/Kultur/article2732238.ece